MoonWallet a Mooncoin Wallet for Android

The MoonWallet Team proudly presents a mobile wallet for the MoonCoin ecosystem. Now, you control the keys. This MoonWallet has many great features. Download it today!

Main Features

MoonWallet launches MoonCoin micropayments into the mobile stratosphere! MoonWallet is secure, modern and open. MoonWallet makes the power of the MoonCoin network accessible anywhere in the world, even to the moon!

Synchronizes Quickly

MoonWallet is quick, powerful access to your coins right from the palm of your hand. MoonWallet directly connects to the Mooncoin network to provide the best performance possible.

Save and Restore your Wallet

MoonWallet is deterministic, which allows you to save a paper key of 12 words during wallet creation. These 12 words create your backup phrase which you can use to restore access to your wallet.

Frictionless Transactions

MoonWallet features a Send Menu that includes the ability to scan QR codes for address input and provides a QR code in the Receive Menu. Transactions have never been simpler!

Synchronizes Quickly

MoonWallet is mobile access to your MoonCoins, for the first time! This wallet connects directly to the MoonCoin network to provide the best possible performance. MoonWallet uses the security of the MoonCoin network and provides a light level of network validation. This allows lightning fast synchronizing from the MoonWallet client to the MoonCoin Network.

Save and Restore your Wallet

MoonWallet is deterministic. You must save a paper key of 12 words during wallet installation. These 12 words are the backup phrase to restore access to your wallet. Write down all 12 words of the backup phrase in order. Number each word from one to twelve down on a sheet of paper for security. Save this list of security words in a place only you have access. The backup phrase will allow you to restore your MoonWallet and transactions if your phone is lost, stolen, upgraded or broken. The MoonWallet Team can do nothing to restore your wallet or MoonCoins in the event that you loose your 12 word phrase. If you loose your 12 word phrase while you still control your MoonWallet you can access it through accessing the Menu ~ Security Center ~ Paper Key.

Frictionless Transactions

MoonWallet's send menu includes the ability to scan QR codes for address input as well as provides a QR code in the receive menu. Transaction have never been easier!

Download it Now

MoonWallet is available for download through Google play. Install it on your phone today!

Who's Behind This

The MoonWallet team built off the clients provided by the Litecoin Foundation ( and breadwallet ( team's work to provide you with the best of breed 'Simple Payment Verification' (SPV Mode) wallet experience for Mooncoin.


Lead Developer

Her acumen in blockchain Development and a range of programming languages (C, C++, C#, Java) uniquely allows her to act as lead developer for the Mooncoin project. Indeed, Michi’s ethos (community activism and fair governance), productivity, expertise and meticulous approach to blockchain development will help propel the Mooncoin project to new levels.

Mark Barry

Team Lead

Acting as Mooncoin Core Team Lead for 2 years, Mark has brought teamwork to the project and continues to bring his specialist contracting experience to continue to develop relationships and goals to the benefit of Mooncoin. Mark hails From Scotland.

Andre Stanton


As a creative director, Andre invests his insights and imagination into every product he designs. Trained at Oregon State University and Sacramento State University, he has several years of experience in the field and dozens of highly successful projects and campaigns.



Mebagger AKA mebagger2 holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on Information Systems. His numerous years of experience are well balanced between both startup and long established Fortune 500 environments. He has been involved in the Mooncoin community since 2013 and is an active Dogecoin/Mooncoin investor. His posting on this site or any other public forum are his own and don‘t necessarily represent his employer’s positions, strategies or opinions.


Marketing & Strategy

Simeon majored Finance in college and went on to an entrepreneurial career at age 27. He has founded and actively manages several U.S. corporations in construction, manufacturing and real estate. He has also actively traded stocks, futures, commodities and precious metals for over 20 years. Since 2017, he has added cryptocurrencies to his active trading portfolio and knowledge base.

How to Contact Us

Support for MoonWallet is handled through requests and issues. However, you can contact our team using the form below with other feedback or requests.

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